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本校希望 貴學系安排以下類型的講座(可選多於一項):
Our school would like your Department to deliver the following talk (Can choose more than one):
講座題目 Topic 

第一選擇 First Choice:
按此查閱建議題目 Click here for the suggested topics
語言 Language
形式 Format
對象 Target (年級 Form/Grade/Year) 
人數 No. of Students (*須50人或以上 Require 50 people or more) 
建議日期 Suggested Date (*每年9月至翌年5月 From September to May of next year)
FROM (E.g. 16:30  --> 1630)
TO  (E.g. 18:00 --> 1800)
學校名稱 School Name
學校地址 School Address
聯絡人資料 Contact Information
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