PUNCH for Your Health – Thai-boxing Training and Service Programme  (Phase 1)

Being mindful of and taking actions to improve one’s physical and mental health is crucial especially during the post-pandemic recovery.  
In PUNCH for Your Health, students will learn the sports and strengthen oneself, then carry forward the positivity by providing training to some underprivileged teenagers in the community. After the training, with a bond built up between the students and the teenagers, the teenagers will be invited to visit HKBU campus for a personal development workshop, to be delivered by the students. 
The programme takes part in FOUR stages:
Stage 1 – Thai-boxing @ 8 sessions (Entry level) 
                 Group 1: (Friday) 7 Oct – 25 Nov 2022, 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm OR
                 Group 2: (Sunday) 9 Oct – 27 Nov 2022, 3 pm – 4 pm
Stage 2 – Thai-boxing @ 8 sessions (Intermediate level) 
*Only for selected students, the studio will perform on-going assessment on students’ performance
                 (Friday) 23 Dec 2022 – 10 Feb 2023, 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm   
Stage 3 – Students as coach to provide Thai-boxing training for underprivileged teenagers @ 4 sessions 
                 (Saturday/ Sunday) 18 Feb – 12 Mar 2023 
Stage 4 –​​​​​​​ Workshop on Personal Development for underprivileged teenagers, prepared by students​​​​​​​
                 (Saturday) 18 Mar 2023 

Refundable​​​​​​​ Deposit:  HK$500 (Students must attend the full programme from Stage 1– 4 OR on Stage 1, 3 & 4  for those not being selected to Stage 2)
Eligibility:  Open to all UGC-funded degree seeking Undergraduates students, with priority to Halls residents
Venue:  Studio Battalion, Sheung Wan (Stage 1–3) and HKBU (Stage 4)
Application Deadline:  23 Sep 2022 (Selection interview may be included)

For details, please refer to https://sa.hkbu.edu.hk/sas/hle/event/ug-punch-for-your-health-thai-boxing-training-and-service-programme-phase-1

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