Application for Hong Kong Baptist University Professional Journalism Fellowship (PJF@HKBU)

Eligibility 申請資格 
• 申請人須於香港具規模的新聞機構工作至少五年,定期為香港新聞機構工作的撰稿人、專欄作家及監製也可遞交申請。
  Full-time journalists with at least five years of journalistic experience employed by established news organizations in Hong Kong. Writers, columnists and producers who regularly contribute to Hong Kong-based news organizations are also eligible to join the programme.
• 申請人須由其任職機構的管理層提名。
  Applicants must be nominated by the management of the news organizations for which they work.
• 自由記者、兼職撰稿人或監製不符合申請資格。
  Freelance journalists or part-time writers or producers are ineligible.
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