Evaluation Report for Activities Sponsored by Office of Student Affairs' Funding Schemes

Please read carefully the following information before proceeding with this report. This evaluation report serves as a template for student organisations/students to apply for reimbursement from student activities fund provided by the Office of Student Affairs. Before completing this evaluation report, please ensure the following information/documents are ready:

For all activities:
1. Financial report with original receipts which support the expenditure stated in the financial statement.Template Download 
2. Attendance list of participants with Student ID and Full Name in English.Template Download 
3. At least 6 photos showing different elements of the programme.
4. Achievements attained (e.g. awards, prizes) in your programme. (if any) Online Submission: (SLES achievement module)
5. Relevant acknowledgement stated in the publicity materials (e.g. leaflets, posters) 
6. Submit original receipts which support the expenditure stated in the Financial Statement (well stuck on A4 paper with photocopies) in HARD COPIES to Office of Student Affairs at WLB401, Shaw Campus during office hours within 1 month upon the completion of the programme.

For activities sponsored by UGC Special Grant for Student-Initiated Sports Events ONLY:
1. Participant Survey (integrated into one file after collecting all survey results from participants)

For activities sponsored by HKBU Village CARE Campaign Ethnic Minorities Engagement Grant (EMEG) (Category A) ONLY:
1. Official transcript issued by the organiser upon completion of the programme

Please note that the following items are not reimbursable nor payable under the prevailing Financial Policies:
  • Uber fares in Hong Kong
  • Plastic bottled water
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