Hong Kong Baptist University
Office of Student Affairs
 Campus Life and Amenities Unit
Application Form for Request of Mass Email Promotion

Questions marked with a * are required
This is the application form for Student Organisation to apply for assistance from the Office of Student Affairs to distribute event promotional email to the Undergraduate Students of HKBU on their behalf. 

You may note the following remarks:
  1. Only SA/SU-registered Student Organisations with updated details on SLES are eligible for the request;
  2. The event is open to all Undergraduate Students of HKBU at minimum;
  3. The event must be organised or co-organised by the applying Student Organisation;
  4. The event must support whole person education;
  5. The promotional email must be in English or bilingual (English / Chinese)
  6. Medium of language of the event shall be included in the promotional email; 
  7. 1 promotional email per event (including relevant promotion activities) ONLY;
  8. You may attach 1 PDF file or 1 JPEG/JPG file into the promotional email which the size must not exceed 1MB;
  9. The Student Organisation is responsible for the contents of the promotional email;
  10. Office of Student Affairs (SA) will not be liable for any matters arisen from the promotional email distributions;
  11. The Office of Student Affairs reserves the right of final decision.

Student Organisations are expected to submit the registration 3 WORKING DAYS prior* (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday) to the proposed starting day of the overnight period. 

*Request submitted off-hours would be considered on the next working day. The operating hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm.
On behalf of the Student Organisation, I hereby apply for the Request of Mass Email Promotion and agree with the remarks mentioned above.
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