Green Quest Mileage Incentive Scheme 

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Earn your Miles and Get Rewards

To encourage students to be part of the Green Quest, students can collect a reward based on their participation in sustainable activities organized by LQC from January to May 2024.

Recognized activities: 1) student-initiated activities organised by the interns of Green Quest; 2) CCL seminar series; 3) Low carbon quiz ; 4) Organic Farm; 5) Green Quest Showcase on TuesDates ( 20 Feb) ; and other green activities organised by LQC

Rewards: Join at least 2 recognized activities to get an eco-friendly household product/ stationery /souvenir. The higher the number of attendance, the more awards you can get. 

if you attended... you can get!
2-3 activities: A pack of Mil Mill laundry balls 
4-5 activities: A soap made of Coffee Ground AND the item from joining 2-3 activities 
More than 5 activities: A computer case made with recycled fabrics AND the items from joining 2-3 & 4-5 activities 

Submit your form to claim the reward before 31 May 2024
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