HKBU Village CARE Campaign Ethnic Minorities Engagement Grant (EMEG)
Activity Proposal Form

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Current full-time HKBU Ethnic Minority students enrolled in UGC-funded undergraduate programmes.
Before completing the application form, please communicate with SA colleague in person (WLB 401) or through email ( about your plan. Please note that each EM student could apply for EMEG ONCE for each category during each academic year.

For the application of either Category A or B, the amount of the grant should be capped at HK$15,000. If a student is applying for a grant in both Category A and B, the amount of the grant should be capped at HK15,000 in total.

Priority will be given to students who apply for the first time. 

Category A
Participating in a training/
co-curricular activity
Category B
Initiating a programme
ObjectivesTo broaden EM students’ horizon and enhance their personal development through training programmes.To enhance leadership and networking skills of EM students through organisation of the proposed activities.
Scope Covered
Participation in an activity/project/co-curricular programme which:
i) is organised by HKBU/recognised NGOs#/other non-profit-making external organisations (exceptional cases with strong justifications will be considered for approval);
ii) is organised inside or outside Hong Kong; and
iii) promotes whole-person development.
Organisation of an event/activity which:
i) is held on/off campus; and
ii) is mainly for HKBU students; and
iii) fosters any of the seven HKBU Graduate Attributes, namely, Citizenship, Knowledge, Learning, Skills, Creativity, Communication and Teamwork; and
iv) may involve an organising committee formed by the applicant with EM/international/mainly/local students.
Amount of Grant70% of the cost of joining the activity.*
(Disallowing Expense Claims on Uber Fares in Hong Kong and Plastic Bottled Water)
Full cost of initiating the programme.*
(Disallowing Expense Claims on Uber Fares in Hong Kong and Plastic Bottled Water)
# Recognised NGOs refer to all Non-governmental Organisations which are exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. (

* Recipients of the HKBU Village CARE Campaign Admission Scholarship Scheme for Outstanding South and South East Asian Ethnic Minority Students (EMSS) should first claim from the Personal Mobility Fund for any exchange programme, while EMEG may cover the remaining costs.
Please indicate the category of your application.
Activity Format
Activity Nature 
Contribution to Graduate Attributes (not more than three)
Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (not more than four)
Details of Applicant
Are you a Full-time UGC-funded local (ethnic minority) student?
Are you a EMSS recipient?
Have you successfully applied for this grant (EMEG) before?
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