Application Form for Student Activities Fund

Please read carefully the following information before proceeding with this application.
This form is applicable if your organisation is seeking financial support for organising activities from the following funding schemes. Please observe the application guidelines of respective funding scheme carefully before submitting application.
  • Campus Inclusion Activities Programme for Student with Special Education Needs
  • Ear-marked Student Activities Fund
  • Service-Learning Student Activities Fund
  • Subsidy for Orientation Activities
Before completing this form, please ensure the information/documents below are ready: 
1. Activity Proposal
2. Financial Budget (Template)
3. Completed Academic Advisor Recommendation Form (for Ear-marked Student Activities Fund and Service Learning Student Activities Fund ONLY)
4. Tentative Itinerary (for overseas activities ONLY)

Please note that the following items are not reimbursable nor payable under the prevailing Financial Policies:
  • Uber fares in Hong Kong
  • Plastic bottled water
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