Enrolment Form of ACE Leaders Scheme 

Active Citizenship and Engagement Leaders Scheme (ACE Leaders Scheme) aims to encourage HKBU undergraduate students to participate and take the lead in projects on leadership enrichment, citizenship and integration experience organized or endorsed by the Leadership Qualities Centre (LQC) of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA).

Within the Academic Year (AY), participating students are required to obtain at least 35 scores in Category of Leadership Enrichment from the Elementary Track (Mandatory and/or Extra Credits) to become ACE Member. Students are encouraged to attempt Categories of Citizenship and Integration Experience from the Bonus Track to achieve award i.e. ACE Leader (GOLD) and ACE Leader (STAR), and to be eligible for exclusive rewards.

Students can participate in the scheme in the new academic year during their study term at HKBU. Students can re-enroll in the Scheme, but the scores obtained could not be carried forward to the next academic year. 

Students enrolled in the scheme will receive regular updates about the Scheme and LQC’s programmes by email.
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