23-24 Green Quest: Local Project Internship

Application Form for Green Quest: Local Project Internship 2023-24
A 5-month internship with professional supervisors to explore how individual behavioural change and age-friendly urban planning help bring social cohesion, climate resilience, and a sustainable community.  
After the internship, students are highly encouraged to continue their exploration of the topic in or outside Hong Kong by submitting a proposal to the Dreamer Lab Award for a subsidy of up to $30,000.

Project Descriptions:
1. NO MAN IS AN ISLAND - How individual behavior change can foster social connections in enhancing climate resilience of collective well-being
(Supervised by Mr. Patrick Fung, CEO of Clean Air Network)

The project is designed to inspire individual behavior change over 3 months that aims to bridge stronger social connections and enhance collective climate resilience.
Arguably, Covid and climate change are the two top existential risks human being faces in recent history. Researches show that there are multiple dimensions of the relationship between Covid and climate change. One of the key dimensions is social cohesion. Despite the fact that most places in the world have survived Covid and are making their way towards recovery, the landscape and intensity of social bonding have been deeply altered. Similarly, Hong Kong, struggles to cope with the social changes to reconstruct the social bonding, institutions in Hong Kong have begun on the journey to develop their own sustainability plan to mitigate the climate crisis. The understanding and participation of the younger generation during the process can be the key to long-term success.
Under the guidance of Patrick, student interns will go through a self-exploratory period to understand their personal drive toward climate issues.
Then, the interns will be guided to identify areas of individual behaviour that bring a positive impact on climate issues and foster social bonding. The culmination of their efforts will be presented during a Finale Exhibition, where their achievements will be shared with peers across various university faculties and departments. With stronger social bonding, it is more possible for the collective as a whole to sustain positive impacts to address climate issues.
As a bonus track, the interns will be invited to continue the exploration and search for a holistic understanding of the world’s climate status by submitting a proposal to the Dreamer Lab Award.

2. Creating a More Age-friendly, Inclusive Community in Hong Kong - From the Perspective of Urban Planning
(Supervised by Mr. Jeffrey Wong, Registered Professional Town Planner, Council member of The Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP))

Hong Kong is undergoing an unprecedented demographic change that comes with a decline in the birth rate and an increase in ageing population. The promotion of age-friendliness in the living environment is one of the major areas in which urban planners, architects and designers can contribute to the society.  Incorporation of more age-friendly design in housing estates and public open spaces is thus encouraged. How could we do more in the building environment to let the elderly participate more in economic and social activities and enjoy their life as valued members of the society?

Under the supervision of Jeffrey, student interns will explore the needs and thoughts of different stakeholders through first-hand on-site investigation and literature review, and then will integrate the findings with interdisciplinary knowledge to conduct analyses and submit proposals to relevant parties/organizations on ways to achieve a more age-friendly, inclusive community.  As a bonus track, student interns will be invited to continue further exploration on the topic outside Hong Kong by submitting a proposal to the Dreamer Lab Award.

Programme Design and Schedule:
1.   Briefing > October 2023
2.   Project Internship (incl. meeting with supervisor, planning and implementation of project) > October 2023 - January 2024
3.   Project Showcase (Participants will present to the BU community the outcomes of the projects) > February 2024

Major Medium of Instruction:  English
Refundable Deposit:  HK$ 500 (fully refundable upon completion)
Recognition:  On successful completion of the 54-hour internship, participants will receive 1) a full refund, 2) an award of $1,500, 3) a certificate, and 4) a CCL unit
Eligibility:  Open to all UGC-funded degree seeking Undergraduate students, with priority to UGH / NTT residents
Application Deadline:  24 September 2023
Selection Interview (ZOOM):  26 - 27 September 2023

For details, please refer to the website: https://sa.hkbu.edu.hk/lqc/community-engagement-new/green-quest-sustainability-programme
The information collected will be used for the planning and delivery of the activity/ programme of concern, and/ or for the improvement of LQC. You may refer to the details of the Privacy Policy Statement and Personal Information Collection Statement of the University: https://bupdpo.hkbu.edu.hk/policies-and-procedures/pps-pics/
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