Glocal Culture Orienteering on Sustainable Development Goals - Virtual Exchange & Local Tour「義地連線」文化定向遊 2022-23

Make friends with Overseas Youths + Join Local Cultural Walking Tour + Contribute to SDGs + Virtual Adventure in 5 countries = a Hybrid Online & Offline Cultural Exploration in 10 Days

< HKBU Students with Top 3 outstanding performance in this programme, would be awarded of $1,000 VolTra's "International Workcamp Coupon" for you to experience an amazing physical international journey in the coming summer! >

Participants will be formed into groups with youths from different parts of Asia: Indonesia, South Korea, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan and Laos. Individually and in teams, students will complete different missions related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a specially designed virtual platform.

Two virtual cultural nights will be arranged as to bond with new friends, share our takeaways about SDGs and celebrate the co-impact on the community throughout the Mission Challenges.

To bridge the virtual international experience to the physical local context, HKBU students will join a physical exploration tour on Cultural Diversity in Hong Kong, echoing to some of the SDGs goals covered during the virtual mission.

Programme Design and Schedule:
29 December 2022 – 7 January 2023
1) Intercultural Kick-off Session (29 Dec 2022, 3 pm- 5pm)
2) International Mission Challenge on Sustainable Development Goals (30 Dec 2022 - 7 Jan 2023)#
3) [Optional] Local Cultural Tour: Visit the Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre and Chungking Mansions to meet local born ethnic minority to learn about their culture and religious (30 Dec, 2022, 2pm-5:30pm)
4) Virtual World Café for Change (6 Jan 2023, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
5) Showcase of Presentation Produced during Virtual World Café for Change  (Jan - Feb, via social media of Hall Life Team)

Refundable Deposit:  HK$ 500 (fully refundable upon completion)
Recognition:  On successful completion, participants will receive 1) a full refund, 2) a certificate and 3) CCL
Eligibility:  Open to all UGC-funded degree seeking Undergraduate students, with priority to Halls residents
Major Medium of Instruction:  English
[Extended] Application Deadline:  22 December 2022, 3 pm
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