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  1. 本網站之通識教育科目的課程大綱只供香港城市大學的學生查閱,用作跨校選科計劃用途。不可傳閱給第三方。
  2. 本網站之課程大綱將在選科期後移除。
  3. 課程大綱可能非最新版本。有關最新課程內容,請於開課時向該科授課老師查詢。

Please read the following items carefully:

  1. The General Education course syllabi shown in this website are only for students from City University of Hong Kong, for the purposes of the Cross-Institutional GE Course Enrollment Scheme. The syllabi should not be disclosed to a third party.
  2. The syllabi shown in this website will be removed after the course registration period.
  3. The syllabi may not be the most updated. Please ask the course instructor(s) in class for the latest content.
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